The SCB Company was established in 2000. Heading persistently towards the highly placed goals and business principles, we succeeded in relatively short time to penetrate to significant position within the distribution in the Belgrade territory, where we supply a large number of facilities.


The basic activities of the company relate to food and beverage distribution within the horeca system, therefore we have excellent cooperation with all domestic producers as well as with representatives of foreign companies dealing with the product assortment which we offer.


The customer service is organized in such a way that at customers' request it can act at any time and supply the required goods within the same day.


The salesmen are equipped with the PDA devices which enable all orders made on the terrain to be instantly forwarded to the head office.


The further development trends include expansion of the existing commercial programmes, continual market penetration, product assortment expansion, as well as broadening the business activities in the field of import.


We hope we will become your partner in future, all for the purpose of finding mutual interest based primarily on good business communication and cooperation.


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