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Key supplier

With over 13 years of experience in the distribution SCB has positioned itself as the best supplier Horeca facilities capable of providing fast and reliable services that meet the diverse requirements of our clients, ready to quickly adapt to new trends and demands of the Horeca market. Today, we serve over 800 customers, which we are the first choice for the supply of over 2,500 items.
Successful business partnership with the Horeca sector and sustainable business growth were not only selected as the reference of suppliers, but we have to our suppliers become integrated long-term strategic partner who can increase market share and strengthen its brand partners. Our position ensure a stable, secure and reliable partner to companies such as Coca - Cola, Prince Miloš, Apatinska brewery, Carsberg, Cremoso... and our customers the best possible market conditions by which they can buy products from these companies.


Our product range is changing how we and Horeca market have changed. Over time we have grown from a distributor of beverages in suppliers that also offers almost all the products necessary for the functioning of any catering establishment. Today our customers can provide over 2,500 items.

To all of our clients are available:
- The sales team is equipped with modern PDA devices
- Tele-sales service, always ready to take your order and deliver the right information
- An updated web portal through which they can do requisitions, check your financial card, get information on delivery, check prices...
- The logistics team to guarantee delivery in the same day for all requisition data to 11am
- Cash & Carry sales facility at over 500 m2, range adjusted to professional buyers

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